What is Delta 8 Wax: Usage, Effects & Buyers Guide

Delta 8 Wax has been gaining traction in the cannabinoid community recently. As more people get to know this new delta 8 product, it’s vital that consumers must first have a complete idea of their benefits, side effects, and how to consume them properly.

The main advantage of dabbing Delta 8 is that it provides a more helpful high. Higher doses of cannabis are frequently accompanied by feelings of anxiety and paranoia, as well as disorientation. Delta 8 dabbing can bring relief without being too overpowering.

What Is a Delta 8 THC Wax?

Delta 8 THC wax is a combination of Delta 8 and cannabinoids such as terpenes. This particular product is in a wax form which makes it more concentrated and has more potent effects. D8 THC, while related to the delta 9-THC, has a lower psychoactive effect.

The wax contains a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes and the delta 8 compound, with the terpenes contributing characteristics and flavor. This item is ideal for individuals who want the desirable components to make the entire hemp plant valuable.

Delta 8 can make a person high, and users may get a brief high lasting a few minutes. D8 THC produces insignificant euphoria as compared to D9 THC. Others never feel euphoria at all. It can be eaten in significant quantities without having a substantial high.

According to federal and state laws, delta 8 THC is allowed if the active THC content is less than 0.3 percent. High Life Delta 8 THC contains less than 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC and is derived from legally permitted hemp.

The difference between delta 8 THC wax dabs and other forms of cannabis waxes is that the buds are first infused with a delta 8 distillate, which allows the concentration process to generate higher quantities of terpenes, CBN, CBD, and delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 Wax gets its name from its waxy, sticky substance and golden tint, comparable to honey. It’s well-known for its flavor, but it’s also renowned for being highly stable, thanks to its soft consistency, which inhibits the degradation of beneficial chemicals.

Delta 8 Dabbing vs. CBD Dabbing

Delta 8 Dabbing vs. CBD Dabbing

Delta 8 dabbing

Dabbing is the inhalation of cannabis concentrates that have been vaporized after being applied to a heated surface. Because you’re vaporizing concentrates, a small amount goes a long way, so be careful how much you dab.

This method is advised for more experienced delta 8 THC or those who are familiar with the effects. Dabbing is one of the most direct methods to have a good time with Delta 8 wax. So, are delta 8 dabs good?

Dabbing is ideal for consuming a concentrate. To dab, you’ll need a dab rig or a dab pen. It has a heated nail that can quickly reach extremely high temperatures.

When you place a small amount of wax on a hot surface, it evaporates rapidly and can be breathed. It does require some prior knowledge, but it is pretty simple.

CBD dabbing

Meanwhile, CBD dab is made from hemp or marijuana. CBD dabs are unadulterated, unlike other CBD products that combine the concentrate with other components (to form a tincture or an edible).

CBD dabs will either have very little or no THC, the cannabinoid that gets you high in the traditional sense. So, while you won’t get a conventional THC high, you won’t feel completely sober either.

Even at modest dosages, using CBD can promote a reduction in anxiety and more peaceful sleep, which is technically a psychotropic effect. Dabbing CBD does not have the same long-lasting benefits as other CBD ingestion techniques, such as taking it orally.

When to Use Delta 8 Wax

When to Use Delta 8 Wax

Because you’re vaporizing concentrates, a small amount goes a long way, so be careful how much you dab. To dab, you’ll need the following items:

  • A bong-like item called a “dab rig.”
  • A nail where you’ll place the delta 8 THC concentrate.
  •  Dabber is the tool used for inserting the concentrate into the nail.
  • A cigar torch can heat the nail.
  • Finally, your delta 8 THC dab wax.

There are dab rigs, nails, dabbers, and torches for sale in the marketplace. Additional accessories are available for purchase, such as carb caps, that may improve your dabbing experience.

This is how to use delta 8 wax now that you have all of your dabbing essentials:

  1. Use your dabber to apply the delta 8 THC concentrate. Please remove it from the equation.
  2. Light your cigar torch and direct the flame toward the nail.
  3. Please turn off the cigar torch and set it aside after the nail is hot.
  4. Place the delta 8 THC dab on the nail with your dabber, inhale through the dab device, and then exhale.

Do note that dabbing is not suggested for first-time delta 8 THC users, and it is especially not recommended for persons who have never used a cigar torch.

Benefits and Side Effects of Delta 8 wax

Delta 8 THC is a one-of-a-kind plant chemical best recognized for its euphoric effects and other attributes. You will only feel the compound results where you applied it, which is ideal if you only need regional relief.

Depending on the formula, the effects can last up to 6 hours and peak in less than 30 minutes. This cannabinoid produces a high 50-70 percent stronger than conventional Delta 9 THC and is typically described as a body high.

Below are some of the benefits and side effects of this product:


  • You may dab with various concentrations, ranging from oils and waxes to shatters, crumbles, and more.
  • Dabbing is also popular since it is faster, less expensive, and more adaptable.
  • It may provide holistic relief from nausea, anxiety, discomfort, and other common ailments.
  • Dabs are enhanced with high quantities of delta-8, helping you to reduce your Delta-8 requirements daily.
  • Compared to delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC has been demonstrated to be 200 percent more effective as an antiemetic.

Side Effects

  • Delta-8-THC administration caused various cannabis-like symptoms, including dry mouth, disorientation, incoordination, and visual distortions.
  • After quitting cannabis, users have reported feeling exhausted, irritated, and losing their appetite completely.

Dabbing devices are becoming increasingly complex, catering to the needs of fans like never before. Due to the high strength levels associated with the hobby, dabbing with delta 8 is best suited for experienced compound users.

If you are a beginner, it’s advised that you first develop a tolerance to the effects of Delta 8 products before you start dabbing.

Best Delta 8 Wax Brands to Buy Delta 8 Dab

delta 8 wax                                                                                                                    [Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash]

Delta-8 THC products only became popular in early 2020, but they’ve since skyrocketed in popularity. Delta 8 is currently accessible in various forms, including gummies, tinctures, vapes, edibles, and, of course, distillate.

Below are some of the best brands where you delta 8 wax buy:

1. CBD Genesis

CBD Genesis is your one-stop shop for every cannabidiol (CBD) product. The company sells everything from edibles, tinctures, disposables, and concentrates. They have a collection of a wide range of CBD juices and e-liquids as well.

2. Koi CBD

In the CBD business, Koi CBD has established itself as a leading brand. Their consumers can always count on receiving high-quality products that are as pure as possible, ensuring that CBD works as intended.

3. Lifted Made

Lifted Made is another trusted brand where you can buy the best delta 8 dabs. The company also sells delta 8 THC cartridges and disposable vape. They sell some of the most budget-friendly across many CBD-related products.

4. CBD for the People

The brand name speaks for itself. CBD for the People is a shop that offers everything you need for your cannabinoid hobby. Their products range from CBD flower nogs, pre-rolled joints, wax cartridges, tinctures, and more.

5. Pinnacle CBD

Pinnacle CBD is one of the most well-known hemp-based cannabidiol brands in the United States. They provide products for those who want to experience CBD for the first time and high-strength oils for those who need a higher dose.

Delta 8 dabs are easier to come by now than they were a year ago. However, knowing how to locate only the highest-quality products on the market is critical.

We highly advise you to only buy from a reputable company that provides third-party lab reports with their dabs. A competent laboratory tests the concentrates they sell to ensure their quality and purity standards.


Delta 8 wax is relatively new to the market, but it shows a lot of promise both as an alternative therapeutic drug and a hobby to relieve stress. Most users liked it a lot for its functional high without having to consume a lot of cannabis.

While it does have some effects, users can adapt to the given time. Furthermore, it is a legal drug in most states in the U.S. and is highly available in the market. Before trying out dabbing delta 8, first do your due diligence and do some research about the product.

If you are in the market for delta 8 products, check out CBDGenesis. They have a vast selection of delta 8 and hem-based products from popular brands such as CBD Genesis, Treetop Hemp, Canna Kings, iDelta 8, and more.

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