Delta 8 THC Near Me: Should You Buy Online or Locally?

Delta 8 THC products have become quite popular these past couple of years, especially in states where cannabis use has yet to be legalized. However, if you type in Delta 8 THC Near Me in Google and other search engines, you might find mixed results.

The most important questions that usually pops up for those curious about Delta 8 THC products are: is delta 8 sold in stores? Where can I buy Delta 8 near me? The good news is that Delta 8 products are almost everywhere, both in the traditional brick-and-mortar store and on the Internet.

Delta 8 THC Near Me: Local Vendors vs. Online Shops

Delta 8 THC Near Me: Local Vendors vs. Online Shops
Delta 8 THC has emerged as a promising alternative for those who want to reap the same benefits as delta 9 THC but don’t want to face the anxiety and paranoia of consuming the latter.

So, the answer to the big question is Delta 8 sold in stores is a huge yes. Where can I buy delta 8 near me? You can find most delta THC and cannabidiol (CBD) items almost everywhere, from head shops, online stores, vape stores, marijuana dispensaries, and even in a few gas stations.

Local Vendors

If you could talk with a regular customer of the store, they may also provide excellent feedback on some of the products they bought. Moreover, you can also browse through other cannabis products that might be of interest to you.

The disadvantage of buying from a local vendor is that you have to drive or commute to the store, which could take a few minutes or even hours. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, you might have to move to the next nearest shop.

The great thing about buying in-store is you can inspect the product and ask questions directly to the seller. You can also check if there is a CBD store near you by simply typing in Delta 8 THC near me in your favorite browser.

Online Shops

With the advancement in eCommerce, you can buy almost anything online, including CBD products. There are scores of manufacturers of Delta 8 THC with their online stores, and their numbers are increasing every year.

Shopping online saves you the trip of going through your local CBD store. Moreover, you will have more access to Delta 8 THC products available to many sellers online. You can even compare prices and even read reviews.

The budding competition in this space opens up more opportunities, especially in the field of research. As manufacturers generate better CBD products, the more options there will be for consumers.

Why Online Shops Are Better If You’re Looking for Delta 8 THC

Why Online Shops Are Better If You're Looking for Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC’s popularity recently soared in the cannabinoid community. Two ways to get this fantastic product, either through your brick-and-mortar outlet or through an online store.

While buying your Delta 8 THC in a local store is great, it also presents some challenges. If you live in a state or county where CBD products are not yet legal, then chances are there isn’t a store selling them in your area.

In contrast, buying from a legitimate CDB online shop is more convenient and is accessible whenever you are in the country. However, you have to shoulder the shipping cost on top of waiting a few days before it is delivered.

Below are the perks of buying your Delta 8 THC from a reputable online store.

Product Safety

The manufacturer sells many delta THC products instead of finding a distributor. Hence, they usually need to adhere to product safety protocols. Moreover, online sellers also employ third-party laboratories to assess the quality of their items.

More Convenient 

Purchasing things online is much more convenient since you only need a few clicks to complete the transaction. You can also browse through the store’s inventory, compare item prices, and check flavors. It also removes the need to move around different local shops.

Better Prices

Many CBD merchants online are not hampered by the constraints and limitations of your traditional brick-and-mortar shops. The former doesn’t have to deal with middlemen and other costs such as stall rent. Thus, online shops can quickly lower the price of their items.

More Choices

Local vendors usually specialized in a specific line of CBD products such as vapes, wax, gummies, tinctures, distillate, flower buds, and edibles. However, online shops often sell most, if not all, the Delta 8 variants on their shop and from different brands.

Accessible Feedback

Gauging the quality of the products sold in an online store is hard since the only one you could talk to is the store owner. Buying online presents the opportunity to look at customers’ feedback about a particular item and how it compares with other brands.

Dangers of Buying Low-Quality Delta 8 THC?

Dangers of Buying Low-Quality Delta 8 THC?
The danger of buying an inferior Delta 8 THC revolves around its legality and safety.

Users may experience a transient high lasting a few minutes after ingesting this chemical. In comparison to D9 THC, Delta 8 THC causes negligible bliss. Hence, it’s essential to verify the source of this product, even if it’s a hemp-derived variant.

Unfortunately, many Delta 8 THC products you can find in local stores aren’t certified by third-party laboratories. If a competent lab doesn’t check their purity and potency, they may risk these items containing harmful chemicals.

Purchasing an unregulated delta-8 THC product carries various hazards, ranging from simple potency fraud to hospitalization and death. Purchasing an unregistered delta-8 THC product has numerous risks, ranging from simple potency fraud to hospitalization and death.

In 2021, research funded by the U.S. Cannabis Council found at least 16 products tested by Massachusetts-based Proverde Laboratories were not compliant with the 0.3 percent THC legal limit.

According to their report, the solvent levels in several unauthorized delta-8 vape cartridges were unsafe for human consumption.

It’s also worth noting that Delta 8 will very certainly show up on a drug test. This result shows up because most drug tests check for THC’s metabolites rather than the drug itself.

These are the molecules that THC is broken down into and the molecules expelled from the body. They tell if a person has taken a particular drug.

For the most part, you also need to find out how do I store Delta 8 THC if it’s an edible product since their shelf life is much shorter.

As such, it’s essential to do your research about the product and look for feedback about the seller. Be wary of the claims of some store owners, especially if it’s too good to be accurate and isn’t backed by evidence.

Is Delta 8 Legal? Things To Look Out For When Shopping For Delta 8

Is Delta 8 Legal? Things To Look Out For When Shopping For Delta 8
The federal government only allows CBD products that are derived from hemp plants. Delta THC 8 is derived from marijuana which has been legalized for recreational use.

While it is still unregulated and legal in at least 15 states in the U.S., you must know where the cannabinoid came from to ensure it won’t do any harm.

Legal Delta 8 THC also needs to have its THC level be less than 0.3 percent, according to the 2018 Farm Bill.

If you want to make sure that the item you are buying is of high quality and safe for consumption, below are some of the things you should look out for:

  • It’s a source- specifically if the growers or suppliers practice organic hemp farming without using chemicals.
  • Extraction method- right now, the golden standard is the use of CO2 extraction, which uses pressurized carbon dioxide without using aggressive solvents and extra heat.
  • How potent it is- as discussed, there is a limit of Delta 8 THC potency for it to be legal. The only way to prove it is within its limits is through third-party testing.

Best Delta 8 Brands Near me

  Best Delta 8 Brands Near me
CBD Genesis

CBD Genesis is your one-stop-shop for all products containing cannabidiol. The company sells foods, tinctures, disposables, and concentrates, among other things. They provide a large selection of CBD juices and e-liquids as well. They are also known to give out discounts and ship to all 50 states of the U.S.

Treetop Hemp Co

Treetop Hemp Co is one of the most well-known manufacturers of Delta 8 goods, offering a variety of delectable vape and edible goods that have helped those suffering from pain and anxiety. They also don’t employ any fillers, such as MCT oil, and rely solely on pure hemp extract. Their main product lines are Delta 8 gummies and vape.


Another well-known name in the CBD community, Honeyroot, sells Delta 8 vape cartridges at reasonable prices. Gelato and the Wedding Cake are their most popular items, which offer a smooth experience with just the right kick.

Canna Kings

If you are looking for the complete Delta 8 experience, then Canna Kings is the brand for you. They sell a lot of CBD products such as pre-rolls, gummies, flowers, and other edibles. Canna Kings are known for their innovative products, such as the Delta 8 Oreo Cookies and the Flaming Hot Cheesies.


While this brand sounds strange, 3Chi is one of the most competitive CBD products in the market today. They are known to produce not only tinctures and vape-related products but also edibles. The company makes cookies, brownies, and cereal treats with Delta 8.


As the popularity of Delta 8 grows and hits the mainstream, probably within this decade, you can expect to find more of them in stores and online. The term Delta 8 THC near me has reached thousands of searches per month in the last couple of years.

Furthermore, industry experts predict that government agencies regulate them, which is crucial for everyone’s safety. If you want to buy lab-tested and high-quality Delta 8 products, check out CBD Genesis. They offer a complete inventory of CBD items at reasonable prices. Consequently, they only sell products from reputable brands that you can trust.

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