Cloud Chasing 101

vapingIn two terms: competing vaping. Many characters have even described it as
“stunt vaping”. The purpose is to view who can generate the largest vapor mists humanly imaginable. Real battles are occurring across the nation and all across the globe year around, with rewards varying from receiving free material to hundreds of dollars in cash!

We sincerely doubt that all of them are performing for the cash. We believe the people are doing this are just tracking the clouds! Exactly like auto collectors operate on their Hot Cars, Cloud Chasers are steadily restoring their atomizers to obtain that particular setup that will bear everyone else’s continuous.

Many people believe this is absurd, and they are presumably right, but though many Cloud Chasers can recognize the nonsense of this new-found quote on quote sport. People assume these Cloud Chasers are establishing knowledge because it normally fires a discussion with those not so familiar with vaping. Cloud Chasers are transferring out what those call cloud awareness, something like a bat-signal, advising smokers to quit their stickies.

Some vapers believe that many Cloud Chasers are presenting vaping and given them a bad title by their bad attitudes and greatest of all, their huge offensive clouds that people puff in society. If you were to walk into any vape shop we are confident you will discover at least one person delivering huge clouds into the environment. It would be an extremely super gray foggy life it vapers were to do this everywhere.

The 9 Key Factors to Cloud Chasing

These 9 Important Portions are from Part 1 of Cloud Chasing:

  • Battery Protection – Utilize the possible harmless batteries likely.
  • Airflow – The lowering of the resistance, the longer is required. Too much can reduce out your smoke clouds.
  • Juice – The raised VG content, the heavier your vapor puffs will be.
  • Mod – The correct mod is necessary for controlling these very low-resistance coil-builds.
  • Body Position/Inhale/Exhale System – Needs months of Practice to achieve any “smoke trick”.
  • Wicking – Very significant factor in providing the liquid and air through to your coils.
  • Build – Complex builds will change vapor result, the weaker the resistance, the larger the cloud.
  • Genetics – Some users with additional lung function can inhale more smoke without choking.


Cloud Chasing is the complete ultimate form of Sub-Ohm Vaping. It could give a lot of joy if done accurately. On the second note, and I can not state this enough, it has the potential to be extremely critical! If you decide to tag along with the train and want to be one of those specific people, we advise you to do your study first.

Don’t just chuck a build collectively on your Fast-tech clone structure, put it directly up toward your front and push that control button unless you are 100% confident that you possess all of the peculiar safety standards. If your equipment or battery ever becomes extremely hot, just set it down and simply walk away. But sincerely, read e-cig panels on How to Smoke Chase and view multiple videos on this topic concerning the protected probable techniques and methods. Do not blow yourself up.