Check out these awesome, award-nominated CBD strains

In this post, we’re going to check out some of the best CBD-dominant marijuana strains that were nominated for various awards in 2015. This cannabis has been bred for medical purposes, containing high levels of CBD but miniscule amounts of psychoactive THC.

CBD is well-known for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety traits and patients take it for a range of ailments – in legalized states it’s also used as a supplement simply to promote good health. These epic strains feature the best of both, mixing the likes of CBD-rich Harlequin with classics such as Girl Scout Cookies.

CBD interacts with CB1 as THC does – when both cannabinoids are attached to the same receptor, the CBD suppresses the THC’s psychoactive impact. CBD is also known to work with the CB2 receptor. Get ready for a marijuana fest, as we take you through these magical CBD strains, their fruity scents and tastes, but most importantly their in-body effects. We’ll also cover a few concentrates.

CBD strains

Tora Bora by The Vault GeneticsTora Bora by The Vault Genetics

Tora Bora crossbreeds X18 Pure Pakistani and LA Confidential for a primarily CBD medicating experience. CBD levels come in at 8.5%, with THC a tick over 4%.


Trident and Skywalker OG combine to make the powerful CBD OG strain. This stunning C.R.A.F.T bud boasts 19.5% CBD and 9% THC, delivering a mellow, relaxing high that builds gradually. It’s great for headaches.

Super Sonic CBD by Radicle Genetics and Valerio

Super Sonic CBD is a mix of Cannatonic X and Hawg’s Breath, with its CBD and THC concentrations standing at 9.14 and 9.84%.

Sunkiss CBD by California Growers Guild

Another solid entry, Sunkiss CBD takes a crossbred strain of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk and crossbreeds it with Cagg OG, growing a third-generation strain, if you will. Sunkiss CBD grows great earthy nugs, and a cannabinoid profile of 11.4% CBD, 6.6% THC.

V.C.D.C. by Moxie Seeds & Extracts

Viper City OG is crossed with ACDC to make the neatly-named V.C.D.C. Moxie Seeds & Extracts are behind this master strain, which checks in at 9% CBD to 4% THC. The strong terpenes give this bud an awesome smell, and it smokes with an excellent earthy flavor. V.C.D.C. is a good choice for chronic pain relief.

Vitamin CBD by Growers Guild

A crossbred Cannatonic-Afghan Skunk strain is crossed again with OG Kush in Growers Guild’s Vitamin CBD. It’s strong, sticky bud that offers a hoppy taste when smoked. Cannabinoid profile: 11.7% CBD, 6.4% THC.

Vegan Buddha Milagro by Greenwolf LA with Vegan Buddha

We’re not sure what strain or strains are used in Vegan Buddha Milagro, but we do know this is top-end bud. The profile of 7% CBD and 3.2% THC doesn’t tell the whole story. Greenwolf LA and Vegan Buddha have joined forces to make aesthetically pleasing bud that vapes magnificently, delivering pain relief fast.

Cannatonic by Mota Rebel

Cannatonic is a favorite with medical marijuana users, thanks to its 20:1 CBD to THC composition. This Mota Rebel strain has a measly 0.46% THC, but more than 9.3% CBD. You could smoke multiple joints without feeling high.

 CBDee’s #1B by Pure West Compassion Club with LightSky Farms

This Cannatonic #4 and Harlequin combo is rich in CBD at 12.6%, and low in THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid registering at only 0.86%. CBDee’s #1B is a good strain to promote pain relief, and its smooth, berry-flavored delivery makes for mood-enhancing medicating.

Doctor Cookies by Northstar Holistic Collective

Northstar Holistic Collective bred Medi Haze with GSC to make this CBD strain that’s good for medical and recreational use, with 11.2% CBD and 6.6% THC. Chronic pain relief is especially well treated with Doctor Cookies. It tends to produce a lot of kief too, so use a four-piece grinder.

The Nubia by Aficionado/ FreeBorn Selections

We don’t know the makeup of The Nubia, but we do know its cannabinoid profile is: 10.51% CBD, 6.64% THC. One user felt this strain could be a Lavender-Girl Scout crossbreed from its scent, and reported a real “stoned sensation”.

Sleeping Giant by Elemental Seeds

Once again, the lineage of Elemental Seeds’ Sleeping Giant is unknown, but it has a pretty even balance of CBD and THC, with 9.93% and 10.3% of each. The buds look great but smoke even better.

CBD concentrates

Rubi Mass CBD Shatter by The Green SolutionRubi Mass CBD Shatter by The Green Solution

Sadly, there’s no information on what strains make up The Green Solution’s Rubi Mass CBD Shatter, but this potent concentrate has CBD and THC levels of 36.1% and 37.32% respectively. Users report a sticky texture to the shatter.

MindblowingCBD by Mind Body & Soul Healing Center

Harlequin and Sour Tsunami get together to produce MindblowingCBD, a concentrate that is, indeed, mind blowing. This Mind Body & Soul Healing Center creation is 56.5% CBD, 4.3% THC and tastes of cherry.

Meta Haze Concentrate by Om Grown Female Collective and Gold Drop

A near 3:1 CBD to THC ratio adorns Meta Haze Concentrate. Expect cherry flavors in this product that has whopping CBD levels in excess of 44%, and a significant 15.3% THC.

CBD Cookies / Cannatonic X / Cannasphere by Kannacare and TerpTitan

CBD Cookies / Cannatonic X / Cannaspehere is a complex concentrate that uses Cannatonic three times, once on its own and twice combined with Cookies and Cookie Berry Crunch to produce a super-strength concentrate containing 22.4% CBD and 27.38% THC.

This product, developed by Kannacare and TerpTitan has floral notes.

AC/DC by Str8organics/thedankman707

A smooth and tasty medicating experience is on the card with AC/DC, a CBD concentrate using a Cannatonic-ruderalis crossbred strain. 56.9% CBD is complemented by 8.5% THC.

A very similar product using the same strain, which is also called AC/DC is popular for its sweet, piny finish. THC is nearly halved in this concentrate, however, to 4.9% THC, while CBD levels remain relatively consistent at 53.2%.

CBDee’s #1B Live Plant Run by Pure West Compassion Club and LightSky Farms

CBDee’s #1B Live Plant Run is a concentrate similar to the CBD strain we mentioned earlier. Cannatonic #4 and Harlequin combine once again, with a finished product of 33.84 CBD and 2.57% THC. It’s a concentrate that’s received rave reviews.

Startonic Sap from Genotype A2

Cannatonic X combines with Death Star to make Genotype A2’s stellar Startonic Sap. This product’s cannabinoid profile is: 20.37% CBD, 24.65% THC.

Goji D.C. Live Resin by Moxie Genetics

A crossbred strain of Goji and ACDC, Live Resin is a CBD concentrate sold by Moxie Genetics. Popular for its effects and divine scent, this product consists of 62% CBD and 4.2% THC.

Ringo’s Gift #3 by Greenwolf LA with Loud Pack Extracts

Ringo’s Gift #3 is a delightful indica strain with 48.6% CBD, 19.6% THC. From Greenwolf LA, this concentrate is derived from crossbred Harle-Tsu-ACDC marijuana. Users find it kicks in after around 10 minutes, leaving them mellow.

CBD Simple CO2 Extractor by Cannavest

Ruderalis hemp is used for this white powder CBD product that contains a staggering 99.1% CBD and a mere 0.4% THC. In a rarity for marijuana products, CBD Simple CO2 Extractor is odorless and tasteless. This Cannavest entry is designed for dabbing and is ideal for rapid pain relief.

OG Tonic by The Smokers Club and the Garden of Weedn

Cannatonic bud is crossbred with an unknown but possible OG strain given its “OG Tonic” name to provide the source for this concentrate. Cherry flavors, 24.39% CBD and 37.9% THC make this product a winner.

Cannatonic by Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers

This CBD concentrate from Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers combines MK Ultra with G13 Haze to produce a whopping 52% CBD potency. 5.55% THC gives Cannatonic a near-10:1 CBD to THC ratio.

Hemp CBD Extract by ISODIOL S.A.

One of the more CBD-dominant medicating concentrates on sale, ISODIOL S.A.’s Hemp CBD Extract is a product using the ruderalis hemp strain to make a concentrate with a CBD to THC ratio higher than 250:1. It’s actually a powder that has a strong but delicious tropical taste. But be in no doubt, it will leave you feeling seriously relaxed.

Ringo’s Gift Super CBD Premium CO2 Oil by POP Naturals with WCHC

A concentrate manufactured using the CO2 extraction method, Ringo’s Gift Super CBD Premium CO2 Oil is pure medicinal oil, derived from a crossbred Harle Tsu-ACDC strain. This cherry-tasting product is perfect for anxiety relief, with its 79% CBD, 7.2% THC profile.

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