CBD Infused Oil: Overview, Health Benefits & Effects

CBD, aka cannabidiol oil, is known by everyone who has ever looked for and used cannabis products. Now there is a new, amazing product in town, CBD infused oil. The product is quite safe and effective in reducing inflammation, relieving pain, improving your body’s response to stress, among others.

The best part of this oil is that it delivers all the benefits of cannabis without the high effect as it contains trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the primary mind-altering compound in cannabis.

There are lots of CBD infused oils as well as tinctures on the market, but not all are created equally. It is best to purchase hemp-derived products made with United States-grown hemp and third-party lab tested.

What Is CBD Infused Oil?

CBD infused oil simply means infusing CBD with a carrier oil or alcohol under light heating. The most active ingredients in cannabis – CBD and THC – are hydrophobic – this implies that they are not soluble in water but soluble in fats.

Several oils can be used to make CBD oil, but coconut and olive oils are the most preferred because they are pleasant-tasting and nourishing for the skin. Thus, they are versatile choices for medicated CBD when it comes to ingestion or topical applications.

What is the downside of CBD oil? Only the taste! Some people do not like its taste, and that is why carrier oils like olive are used to sweeten it. Also, these two oils possess strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties. So, they are mold-resistant and can extend the shelf life of your CBD oil.

What Are the Health Benefits of CBD Infused Oil?

Relief Pain

Most people are used to pain, whether acute or chronic. GSK Global Pain Index claims that 95% of the world population has experienced body pain. Due to the recent CBD popularity, anyone suffering from some form of pain has one time been interested in CBD oil.

What Are the Health Benefits of CBD Infused Oil?

CBD infused oil, the new version of CBD oil, is taunted to provide therapeutic benefits, mainly pain relief. It inhibits the absorption of anandamide, a natural cannabinoid molecule that regulates pain and correlates with the feeling of happiness and well-being.

Reduce Inflammation

CBD infused oil has anti-inflammatory properties – when cannabinoids engage with the ECS or endocannabinoid system in the body, inflammation is lowered systematically.

Because inflammation is associated with many diseases, the potential health benefits of CBD oil is magnificently wide-ranging.

The National Center of Biotechnology Information confirms that chronic inflammation can lead to various non-infectious conditions, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases. Research declares that CBD infused oil can reduce inflammation as well as relieve some of these conditions.

Relieve Nausea and Vomiting

Even though the recent research is limited, a number of experts claim that this oil might regulate nausea and vomiting brought about by chemotherapy side effects. In fact, a combination of CBD oil and THC is listed as a chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting treatment option when other treatments fail to work.

It helps with nausea as it interacts with serotonin, a hormone that influences your feelings, mood, behavior, and well-being. People should consult a doctor or healthcare practitioner before trying CBD infused oil as an alternative treatment.

Improve Heart Health

Several researchers have linked CBD oil with various benefits of the heart, circulatory system, and ability to reduce high blood pressure. High blood pressure is associated with several health conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and metabolic syndrome.

Studies suggest that anxiety- and stress-reducing effects of CBD infused oil contribute to its ability to reduce blood pressure.

Also, CBD oil might help lower inflammation and cell death related to heart disease due to its antioxidant and stress-reducing effects.

For instance, CBD oil reduced oxidative stress and prevented damage of the heart in diabetic mice suffering from heart disease.

CBD infused oil can also help with multiple sclerosis, relieve cancer-related symptoms, improve skin health, aid weight loss, improve brain health, improve sleep, etc.

When Is It Best To Use CBD Infused Oil

When Is It Best To Use CBD Infused Oil

There is no one-size-fits-all set of guidelines for using the oil. Several variables are actually involved down the line to both internal and external use of it.

For instance, some people might be looking to take CBD infused oil to improve focus and energy, while others might be taking it as a sleep aid.

If you are using CBD oil for a particular reason, then the best time to use it is when you see fit. Plus, knowing how fast you experience the effects will help you determine the right time to use the oil and the right dosage.

The type of hemp strain the CBD oil was derived from and the method of consumption also matter when determining the best time to take it. Different strains will have varying effects.

If you are still unsure when it is best to take CBD oil, it could be due to other unanswered personal questions like, will CBD affect my daily life? If so, you might want to consider using it in the late afternoon or on the weekend after work.

Doing this will help make sure you have a safe space for experimentation, and with a few trials and errors, you will strike a balance.

Consume CBD infused oil anytime you want as long as you take the right dosage and controllably. May it be in the morning, lunchtime, a couple of times during the day, in the evening, or at night, the choice is yours to make.

How Fast Does CBD Infused Oil Perform?

How Fast Does CBD Infused Oil Perform?

CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream in about 5 minutes to 2 hours, based on the delivery method. It depends upon your goals and expectations together with other factors like your age, sex, body weight, and metabolism.

Other variables such as dosage, consistency, full-spectrum or THC-free, potency, and quality also influence how quickly you start to feel CBD oil benefits. Besides, the product is available in various forms, and each influences the onset time of effects.

For instance, when you vape CBD infused oil, the effects can kick in within 5 to 10 minutes after inhalation. On the other hand, oral intake can take up to 5 hours before you feel the effects.

The oil interacts with the brain and the body in a few mechanisms. After consuming it, it binds with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), mainly CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors.

It also binds with other receptors that are not directly related to the ECS, like the vanilloid receptor and serotonin receptor. Any potential effects stem from the activation of these biological receptors and other pathways.

How To Make CBD Oil

Learning how to make CBD oil at home is very easy, and there are a couple of methods to do so. You just need high-quality hemp or cannabis flowers, alcohol or carrier oil (olive or coconut oil), baking sheets, pot, double boiler, coffee filter, cheesecloth, and thermometer.

Whatever method you choose, you will undergo decarboxylation and infusion, the two key processes of making a potent CBD oil. Decarboxylation is the process of heating dried hemp or cannabis buds to activate CBD and other ingredients in them.

Be sure to use a decarboxylator to ensure CBD activation with precision. Infusion, on the other hand, is the process of releasing the activated ingredients into alcohol or carrier oil. Let’s discuss the two common and effective ways of making CBD oil at home.

Carrier Oil Method 

  • If you are using a decarboxylator, follow the instructions on the manual to activate your flowers. Otherwise, bake the flowers at 220 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven for about 40 minutes to activate them.
  • Next, if you are using a decarboxylator, light the heater and pour some water at the base of the double boiler. Add one cup of oil of your choice and begin the infusion process.
  • If you are using household items, transfer your baked cannabis or hemp to a pot, add one cup of carrier oil and leave them to infuse on low heat for approximately 2 hours. Do not let the temperature exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid killing the cannabinoids.
  • Once the mixture has cooled, strain it through a sieve or cheesecloth and store your oil in a glass container (with an airtight seal) in a cool, dark place. Ideally, use your CBD oil within 6 months to a year.

How To Make CBD Oil

 Alcohol Method

  •  Activate your cannabis or hemp flowers with a decarboxylator or bake them, as explained above.
  • Next, mix the flowers in a mason jar with about 750 ml of high-proof alcohol and seal it well.
  • Be sure to shake the mixture once every day and store it in a cool and dark place for about 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Strain the jar contents through a coffee filter, sieve, or cheesecloth and store your oil in a glass container.


Making your own CBD infused oil at home is pretty easy. You will need a few things to get started. To use the oil, you can add a few drops to your favorite drink, food, ingest directly or use topically.

Wondering how to make your CBD oil stronger? You can combine it with over-ripe mangoes, dark chocolate, kanna, or turmeric.

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