9 Popular and Potent Cannabis Strains To Try in 2023

Legalization has enabled cultivators to really experiment with marijuana buds, with crossbreeding bringing us a wealth of new strains. But not all of them can be successful. In this article, we will reveal nine of the most exciting strains setting the marijuana world abuzz. They’re packed with flavor, wonderfully potent and just waiting to be smoked, vaped or infused into edibles. Let’s get started.

1) Alien Hallucination

It’s not exactly a new strain, but Alien Hallucination really shot to fame in 2016 and has remained popular this year too. A combination of the LSD and Tahoe OG strains (with some suspecting Tahoe Alien too) helps deliver a pleasant, chilled yet energizing high. The strong, citrusy terpenes give Alien Hallucination a festive scent.

It won’t be long before this strain becomes a household name in the marijuana world, thanks to its likely presence in dispensaries across the country.

2) White Cookies

White Cookies is new on the scene but has been making its mark on the industry in 2017. A crossbreed of Girl Scout Cookies and White Widow, this strain has Dutch origins but didn’t take long to arrive in the United States. With a THC content nudging 20%, the indica-heavy White Cookies has a huge fan base.
Growers can also ensure a quick turnover rate with this strain, which flowers beautifully with impressive yields in a mere nine weeks.

3) Hemlock

Primarily found in Arizona and Colorado, Hemlock has seen a surge in interest of late, undoubtedly for its impressive 21% THC concentration. But this strain also crossbreeds two industry favorites, LA Confidential and Durban Poison, to make a delicious half-and-half indica-sativa mix. This promotes a euphoric yet calm and concentrated high – great if you want some creative inspiration.

4) Pink Cookies

Pink Cookies is a close breed to the more famous Girl Scout Cookies, but offers a much harder hit. Weighing in at almost 28% THC, this Washington strain has been around for just over and a year and has acquired a reputation fast. Pink Cookies is renowned for delivering a classic, but more potent indica effect.

5) Whiteout

Super Silver Haze and The White are crossbred to make Whiteout. Alpha Genetics knew what they were doing when mixing these ever-popular strains, with the finished article containing nigh on 20% THC. Whiteout grows perfect, citrusy terpene nugs with a hint of earthiness too, with flowering times between eight to 10 weeks if grown indoors. The high is mood-boosting and euphoric.

6) OCA’s Cloud 9

This Borderliner-based strain produced in Oregon checks in at an unprecedented 30%-plus THC. Borderliner originally comes from Brazil and is known for its strong indica effect; however users find it to produce a mood-enhancing and energizing high too.

Borderliner and OCA’s Cloud 9 are exceedingly rare, making them even more of a gem for those lucky enough to acquire some. In recent years, Amsterdam seed companies have started to cultivate Borderliner. Your best bet to find OCA’s Cloud 9 is in Oregon dispensaries.

7) Golden Nugget

MSNL have been developing Golden Nugget for around 24 months, and the final product is everything we were promised. This Jack Herer-indica hybrid boasts a whopping 23.7% THC. It grows tall and quickly with gorgeous golden crystals – it should start to flower after around 12 weeks. Suitable for indoor and outdoor growth.

8) Veganic Omrita x Hash Plant x Grapestomper

Produced by Los Angeles’ Buds & Roses, this crossbred veganic strain is recognized for its rich levels of cannabis’ other key cannabinoid: CBD. CBD levels in this bud reach over 13 percent, making for a calming and sedating trip.

The cultivation process for this strain is 100% organic and vegan, and used no animal fertilizers or artificial chemicals. The taste, scent and effects of this world-class bud all contributed to its High Times Cannabis Cup and Carnival victory in the CBD classification.

9) Crown OG

Crown OG has won plenty of awards, most notably High Times’ in 2015 and this strain is amazingly still growing in popularity despite being on the market for a while. This bud is relatively lightweight, but still packs a massive punch at a high estimate of 25% THC. The terpenes give off a memorable, pungent pine scent.

The Kush lineage and 100% indica nature of Crown OG makes this one of the most sedative strains out there. If you have sleeping issues, a helping of this bud before bedtime will help you relax and drift off.

Final thoughts

These nine strains are definitely worth keeping tabs on – they all have huge potential, but there’s only room for so many at the top. If you have a favorite strain that doesn’t get the publicity it deserves, tell us about its flavor and effects in the comments below!

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