Top 5 Best THCV Strains Ranked By Potency

If the annual reports published by the National Institute of Drug Abuse have any truth to them, cannabis is becoming more potent.  

Usually, by using the word potency, most people are referring to the THC content of marijuana. But potency can also refer to other active compounds like THCV. 


As per the stats, the average THC content of pot in 1976 was only 0.72%. However, fast forward to 2003, and the THC content of marijuana rose to 6.4%. But it’s not only the potency that increased. Even the number of strains and hybrids has gone up.  

As such, it becomes challenging for a layperson to find the best THCV flower. Fortunately, as the scientific understanding of the marijuana industry deepens, experts suggest specific options to consider when looking for THCV-rich strains.  

What is THCV? 

When considering the active components in cannabis, two compounds come up, namely THC and CBD. It’s common knowledge that THC is the compound credited with the psychoactive effect that makes users high.  

On the other hand, CBD boasts of several therapeutic benefits and lacks the side effects of THC. However, many are unaware that marijuana or cannabis comprise several other compounds, collectively known as cannabinoids.  

According to research, the plant produces about 80 to 100 cannabinoids. THCV or tetrahydrocannabivarin is one of these lesser-known cannabinoids. The compound’s popularity has gradually begun to increase lately due to some newfound medical benefits.  

THCV is a minor compound that naturally exists in minute quantities in cannabis, even though some strains contain more than others. Hence, it’s vital to know the best THCV strains to try to get the desired effects.  

Unlike the stains that give users the munchies, the primary effect of THCV is to inhibit appetite, which explains why many cannabis users choose to buy THCV for weight loss.  

For those interested in purchasing a potent THCV strain, continue reading about the top five strains to consider.  

Most Potent THCV Strains on The Market 


With the advantages mentioned above of this cannabinoid, you’re probably wondering why you don’t see more of it on shelves and in stores. The reason is THCV being a unique compound, is challenging and costly to isolate and extract.  

Luckily, you can readily obtain a potent THCV strain from some cannabis cultivars that naturally contain copious amounts of THC. Here are the top five examples of such cannabis strains.  

Jack the Ripper 

This cannabis strain was named after the notorious British criminal called Jack the Ripper. It is a hybrid obtained by crossing Space Queen and Jack’s Cleaner. As a Sativa-dominant cultivar, this cannabis type contains high levels of THCV content and has almost no traces of CBD.  

Jack the Ripper has made a name for itself due to its ability to reduce stress and fight depression, fatigue, and pain symptoms. It also renders users happier by improving their moods.  

This makes its effects shift towards the uplifting, euphoric, and energetic side. Interestingly, it has a range of flavors mixed into one, including citrus, lemon, to pine flavors.  

Despite being the namesake of a controversial figure, this stain can give you the best THCV figure that helps suppress stress and other issues like appetite, pain, and tiredness.  

Pink Boost Goddess 

Pink Boost Goddess is like the new kid on the block. But make no mistake, this strain packs a punch. It is another impressive creation from the California-based cannabis company called Flow Kana.  

This strain was obtained by crossing the Pink and Boost Goddess F2 strains, hence the name. It has a THCV content of 4.24% and a unique flavor reminiscent of its famous siblings at Flow Kana.  

The taste is delicious and comes with subtle notes of mint and strawberry. It also has other sweet flavors like rosewood and sweet cream bundled up in it.  

In terms of THC, the content is 18.7%. This high concentration of THCV and THC is why it is a great strain to take for anxiety and reducing your appetite. It’s a sun-loving strain and grows best outdoors, which is why it can produce some of the best THCV-rich flowers of any cannabis strain.  

Doug’s Varin 


This Sativa plant is a rare breed known to contain high levels of THCV, potent enough to subdue panic attacks, symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, and other medical conditions associated with abnormal and involuntary muscle movements.  

Apart from these, Doug’s Varin is also believed to reduce the desire for food. It was developed from a Harlequin parent, and you can find it in a variety of products such as oils, pills, and edibles.  

Doug’s Varin contains about 3 to 6 percent THCV, which explains why it’s among the most popular THCV cannabis strains.  

For many, its earthy pine scent and zesty undertones are enough to make it their favorite marijuana strain. By providing some of the potent THCV flowers available anywhere, this strain can help users lose weight by limiting their desire for food.  

Pineapple Purps 

This strain is a Sativa-dominant cross-breed obtained from Pineapple Skunk #1 and Cheese, but some say its true origins are unknown. It is one of the most remarkable cannabis cultivars you can get for THCV due to the high volumes it contains.  

Moreover, its THCV content can reach as high as 4 percent. Some users say it helps them block Parkinson’s tremors, among many others. It has a range of flavors that include sweet, earthy, and pineapple notes.  

Like other strains on this list, the Pineapple Purps strain produces some favorable effects when consumed. Some of these include reducing inflammation and, in some cases, headaches.  

Power Plant 

This strain descended from South African genetics and is mainly a Sativa landrace hybrid produced by the Dutch Passion Seed Company. It is high in THCV and THC alike.  

Unlike some entries on this list, the Power Plant has been in existence since the late 90s and has received multiple cannabis awards.  

Also, this strain is quite popular in the medical cannabis community. It gives users an energetic and light feeling. But what makes it popular among medicinal users is its ability to alleviate migraines, depression, fatigue, and more.  

The Power Plant is similar to the Pink Boost Goddess in that it also flourishes outdoors even though Dutch Passion advises growers to cultivate this strain in a greenhouse or indoors.  

How is it different from THC? 


Although THC and THCV have several things in common, they also have distinct features that separate them. To understand the main difference between these two cannabinoids, you need to look at their chemical makeup.  

As the chemists would say, the THCV compound has a 3-carbon molecular group while THC has a 5-carbon group. This fundamental difference affects how these two compounds interact with key biochemical components in the body when consumed, which impacts the effects these two compounds produce.  

Another notable difference lies in their boiling points. The boiling point of THCV is significantly higher than that of THC.  

Does THCV Make You High? 

According to Jonathan Vaught, Ph.D., CEO of Front Range Biosciences, a biotech company that specializes in the production of THCV-rich cannabis strains and hemp genetics, the intoxicating effects of THCV are “a little less clear.”  

But generally speaking, THCV in small doses produces no noticeable psychoactive effects. Which is to say you won’t get high by consuming it in small amounts. That’s because, in smaller quantities, THCV behaves as a CB1 antagonist.  

But this changes when consumed in higher doses, in which case it acts as a CB1 agonist, similar to THC, and can make you high.   

Health Benefits of THCV 


THCV seems to promote a sound mind without the possible side effects of THC, such as paranoia. Apart from reducing appetite, here are some of the vital areas where this cannabinoid can help.  

  • Reduce anxiety – Using THCV can enable you to manage conditions like obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other disorders related to anxiety and panic attacks.  
  • Improve sleep quality – Like THC, THCV also aids users by inducing a relaxing and better sleep which can help deal with sleep disorders like insomnia.  
  • Antipsychotic effect – Research suggests that THCV can decrease the symptoms of some psychiatric diseases like schizophrenia. The antipsychotic properties that this cannabinoid possesses mean it is suitable for regulating hyper locomotor activity, improving cognitive function and social behaviors.  


These potent THCV strains are undoubtedly great at what they do, primarily to suppress appetite, followed by the medicinal benefits. Since cannabis is recognized as an appetite booster, strains like these five that can curb appetite could help reach your weight loss targets and assist in the treatment of health challenges like obesity.  

Given the high potency of the entries in this list, it is vital to remember that you need to consume the best strain if you wish to get the desired benefits. Finally, remember to begin with small doses, particularly when it’s intended for therapeutic effects instead of recreational use.

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