Best Enails for Dabs to Try - Top Electric Nail for Dabs

Enails, or electronic nails, offer simpler and more enjoyable dabbing experiences. They feature a controller box that uses electricity rather than a hot flame to heat the dab rig, with precise temperature control, a feature absent in traditional dab torches.

Once you switch on the Enail, it only takes a few seconds to reach the dabbing temperature. And it does not lose heat as quickly as traditional dab torches. This allows you (and your friends) to dab as much as you want as long as the unit is powered.

If you are looking to switch your butane or propane torch with an Enail, it is crucial that you purchase the best Enail. Finding the best Enail can be challenging, considering this is your first product. Lucky for you, we have researched and tested numerous Enail brands to bring you the five best Enails for dabs.

5 Best Electric Nails for Dabbing

When looking for the best electric nail for dabs, choose one made of durable materials. Wooden or polished metal exteriors can withstand accidental falls and wear and tear to keep the temperature-controlling element in perfect condition.

Additionally, check whether the Enail is portable if you want to enjoy dabbing on the move. Opt for battery-powered Enails as they are more convenient to use outdoors. You can also look for extra features like precise temperature control or several heating modes for convenience.

With these pointers in mind, here are our top Enails for dabbing.

1. Dr. Dabber Switch

Top of our list is the Dr. Dabber Switch. It boasts a fast heat-up time (less than 10 seconds) thanks to the electromagnetic induction heating system that is powerful enough to work with dry herbs and concentrates.

The Enail’s Standard Mode features five pre-set heating profiles, whereas the Advanced Mode has 25 heating profiles. So whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur, you can vaporize dry herbs or concentrates at temperatures between 300 to 800 degrees F.

The Switch has a long-lasting battery whose single charge can power up to 100 charges, giving you more time to dab away. And the battery fully charges in an hour.

Users love how Dr. Dabber’s Switch self-cleaning mode reduces their maintenance hassle. The mode burns off the residue using high heat, keeping the induction cups clean.

2. Kandypens Oura

Look no further for the best portable Enail. Kandypens Oura uses a 3000 mAh built-in battery that offers up to thirty, one-minute dabbing sessions before running empty. And it recharges within an hour using a Type-C charger, making it convenient for outdoor adventures.

The Enail heats up within 5 seconds on low-temperature dab setting and 20 seconds on high settings, which is pretty fast compared to other models. A ceramic and quartz bowl are included during purchase so you can customize vapor quality.

The Oura Enail has four temperature settings that are easily differentiated by the color of the ring light. A yellow ring pops on the lowest temperature setting (620 degrees F), whereas green and red lights are more on the medium temperature settings (between 860 and 980 degrees F).

A blue light indicates temperatures above 1000 degrees F. If you are concerned that the high temperature will melt your throat, the Oura features water filtration for comfortable sessions.     

3. Puffco Peak

From design to efficiency, Puffco Peak is genuinely an outstanding Enail. It features four unique heat settings to accommodate unique dabbing needs like small loads or big clouds. Plus, you can extend a dabbing session with your friends using the Sesh mode.

Designed with an intelligent temperature calibration, the Peak automatically adjusts heating times for consistent vapor quality. When the bowl gets too hot, the smart tech cools it down, and vice versa.

You will love that the Puffco Peak has water filtration that cools and purifies your hits into smooth, pleasant vapor. Plus, its fast-charging battery lasts 30 dabs and only takes 20 seconds to heat up.

4. Focus V Carta 2

The Focus V Carta 2 has received numerous positive Enail reviews on Reddit for good reasons. First, Carta 2 comes with two Intelli-Core atomizers, one for herbs and the other for oil. This guarantees control, customization, and maximum vapor production.

Secondly, the atomizers use 360-heating that provides even heating of the concentrates around the chamber, and in so doing, minimizes waste. There are six temperature settings, plus the ability to customize your preferred temperature. An innovative OLED screen provides real-time data about the Enail’s temperature, time, battery percentage, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Thirdly, you can control Carta 2 on your smartphone using its Bluetooth capabilities. And with the Carta App, you can always download the latest software updates.

5. Pulsar Elite Mini

Last on the list is the Pulsar Elite Mini Enail. Despite its small size, this desktop rig has a temperature-controlled box that can heat up to 1200 degrees F. Plus, you can control precise temperature on the digital display.

The Elite Mini is a durable unit with premium titanium components. The titanium heating coil and nail can withstand extreme heat and are known to last more than three years. 

Enails and Its Types

Best Enails for Dabbing

[Image by Riel Roussopoulos from Pixabay]

Electric nails are available in three types:

●  Ceramic

●  Quartz

●  Titanium

Ceramic is a neutral material that preserves the dabs’ pure flavor. They take longer to heat up, but on the positive side, they retain the heat longer. Ceramic nails are fragile and break easily, so always handle them with care.

Quartz nails are similar to ceramic nails in the sense that they are neutral materials that do not alter flavors. However, they heat up fast for spontaneous dabs yet lose the heat as quickly. Moreover, although they are more durable than ceramic, they, too, are brittle.

Titanium nails, on the other hand, heat up quickly and retain the high temperature. They are more durable than ceramic and quartz and are easiest to clean. However, some users complain of a metallic aftertaste after inhaling the vapor.

What Are the Benefits & Effects of Enails?

It’s time you replaced your traditional butane torch with an Enail. These are the benefits of using an electronic nail over a torch.

  • Better Temperature Control

You need to heat up the nail for a few minutes when using a traditional dab rig. Unfortunately for you, achieving the right temperature takes a lot of guesswork and practice. And if you get it right the first time, there is no guarantee of pulling it correctly the next time, especially if you are high from using THC concentrates.

With an Enail, setting dabbing temperatures is relatively easy because you can control the temperature by dialing a switch to activate the heating element. This way, you can enjoy dabbing at low temperatures (under 500 degrees F) to enjoy maximum and consistent flavors.

Or, you can hit medium-temperature dabs (between 500 and 710 degrees) that are punchier than low-temp dabs due to their faster vaporization. However, they are less flavorful than low dabs. Enails also allow you to set temperatures above 710 degrees, considered high-temperature dabs.

  • More Convenient

Electronic nails have few control buttons, making them convenient to use and operate. You are ready to start dabbing if you have a battery connection, a dab, and a rig. Additionally, the heating element maintains your preferred dabbing temperature so you can enjoy multiple dabs. And you can dial in your preferred temperature on the digital LCD.

  • Much Safer

Enails offer a safer dabbing experience since they do not use butane torches to heat the nail. They can achieve temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit without putting you at risk of open flames. 

  • Saves Money
Best Enails for Dabbing

[Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash]

Some people shy away from buying an Enail due to the high price tag. But unknown to them, Enails are cheaper in the long run. You no longer waste concentrates while trying to figure out the correct dabbing temperatures, and you are not subjected to buying butane refills.

But as with any good thing comes drawbacks. Enails offer several benefits, but they also have a few limitations.

  • Quite Expensive

Enails fetch a high buying price compared to dab torches. While you can get a dab torch for $10, you may have to spend over $150 for a good-quality Enail. This high price makes it difficult to test several Enail brands before picking the best.

  • Difficulty Cleaning

Cleaning an electric nail can be challenging since you cannot soak it in alcohol. Furthermore, disassembling the parts can also be a headache, not to mention the assembling.

  • Less Portable

Some Enails work when plugged into a power source. This means you cannot use them in transit, outdoors, or in areas without an electrical outlet. Besides, other Enails do not feature a convenient carrying case.

Are Enails Safe and Legal for Me?

With Enails, you inhale healthier and cleaner concentrates compared to butane torches. Torches heat up to extreme temperatures increasing the likelihood of generating harmful elements. Enails, however, have Proportional Integral Derivative controllers (PIDs) that regulate the heating temperatures.

Moreover, electronic nails do not use hot, open flames to heat concentrates. Open flames can quickly turn into fire hazards for first-time or clumsy users. Fortunately, Enails are a much safer option.

But are Enails legal? Yes. No law prohibits the use of Enails. So, you can enjoy dabbing CBD or delta 8 concentrates with an electronic nail.

Final Thoughts

Best Enails for Dabbing

[Image by SeaweedJeezus from Pixabay]
We hope this Enail review helps you find the best Enail kit for dabbing CBD, Delta 8, or THC.  Unlike traditional dabbing rigs, electronic nails are much safer and more convenient. They feature precise temperature control settings for low and high-temperature dab settings and do away with open flames for heating.

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