An introduction to CBD cigarettes

Cannabidiol (CBD) cigarettes are not like your regular cigarettes, and are made with hemp instead of tobacco. Nor do CBD cigarettes have much in common with cannabis joints, as they either have no – or just a very small amount of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

In this guide, we’ll cover the general basics of CBD cigarettes, before going into detail on potential uses, and the differences between smoking and vaping. The topics covered are relevant to current CBD users, tobacco and cannabis smokers, and even those who are curious but haven’t yet tried CBD.

What are CBD cigarettes? What are CBD cigarettes? 

In appearance, CBD cigarettes look very similar to regular cigarettes. Some products are manufactured with a filter, in a tightly-wrapped cylindrical role. Others are rolled to look like a classical, cone-shaped joint. But what’s important is what goes inside. In America, any industrial hemp used must contain less than 0.3% THC. This low and strict legal limit prevents CBD-rich cigarettes from being used for recreational purposes.

CBD hemp cigarettes have grown in popularity since hemp products were legalized in the United States back in 2014. Until that point, hemp was illegal under the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 and the Controlled Substances Act, first introduced in 1971.

General benefits of CBD hemp cigarettes 

CBD cigarettes are mostly used for therapeutic reasons, although some people like to smoke them simply as a tobacco alternative, or to relax, rather than for any specific medical reason. In this section, we’ll cover some of the benefits that CBD offers, particularly when administered in this way. Remember that CBD cigarettes are not clinically approved for any illness. Moreover, smoking still carries health risks, even though the plant material here is hemp, and not tobacco which contains nicotine, a highly addictive substance.

Fast relief 

The crucial benefit of smoking is that the effects kick in rapidly, indeed almost instantly. This is perhaps more noticeable when comparing the impact of a regular cannabis joint with edibles. While smoking brings cannabinoids immediately into the bloodstream, edibles work more slowly. However, this gradual effects results in a longer experience, which is sometimes very beneficial.

Let’s apply these concepts to CBD cigarette packs. Perhaps the user is smoking to relieve acute pain symptoms or a nasty bout of anxiety. Symptoms for these severe, and must be quelled with a fast-acting remedy for the user to get relief that improves their quality of life. Smoking does this much more successfully than CBD products which respond slowly. The dosage may wear off after three hours or so, but a re-dose will quickly top CBD levels back up.

Furthermore, because the effects are essentially immediate, getting the right amount of CBD is fairly easy. The user can start with a couple of hits, judge how they feel, and then maybe take some more. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary to get the right dosage.

Less harmful than tobacco cigarettes

Less harmful than tobacco cigarettesSmoking is never “safe” compared to not smoking, but it seems that the risk is greatly reduced, and even more so with CBD cigarettes than tobacco, and even marijuana. Why? Because it’s not the act of smoking itself that makes people want to keep doing it, but the substances that are involved.

Nicotine in tobacco is incredibly addictive, interfering with levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in the brain. Initially, nicotine is satisfying and enjoyable. But as the brain adjusts to a new normal, the smoker needs to keep smoking to feel okay, and smoke even more for the same buzz. Smoking more and more is what causes the vast majority of the health problems linked to tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive, but not deadly.

Cannabis contains THC, which is not addictive in the same way as nicotine. However, some users still become mentally dependent on marijuana, and end up smoking regularly, or even daily. Even now-and-again, recreational smokers will experience desensitization in their CB1 receptors, that leads to more smoking for the same ‘high’.

CBD causes neither mental nor physical dependence. Research has shown that CBD reacts differently to THC, and that there is no tolerance buildup. In addition, CBD doesn’t have a strong and adverse effect on any neurotransmitter, like nicotine does with dopamine and noradrenaline. The science actually shows that CBD may help to treat addiction, via interactions with opioid receptors. For regular smokers, it’s possible that CBD cigarettes could help to reduce dependency on tobacco cigarettes. A standalone study suggests this is true.


Some cannabis or CBD users simply want an authentic experience, that they believe can only be achieved by smoking. And that’s exactly what CBD cigarettes and hemp pre-rolls offer. Sitting back, sparking up a smoke and indulging in the flavors, either alone or as part of a group is part of the fun for many people. This just cannot be replicated with a tincture oil, edible or, for some, even an e-liquid.

CBD smokes taste delicious because of the terpenes and flavonoids that feature in the hemp. These compounds feature in all kinds of plants, and some have valuable health properties, too. For instance, linalool, a terpene found in lavender, mint, cinnamon and more, is a handy anaesthetic, anxiolytic, stress-reliever and sedative.

CBD flower and hemp pre-rolls 

CBD jointA few brands sell hemp pre-rolls – we even have a product infused with kief for added potency! But many CBD users like to roll their own cigarettes or joints. This is a piece of cake for those with experience in rolling marijuana joints, but may be tricky for those unfamiliar. If rolling is too difficult, consider investing in a rolling machine, or some empty cones to fill up manually.

Hand-rolling involves using CBD flower which, again, looks and smells like marijuana. The difference is that these plants are bred to contain high percentages of CBD, not THC. Cannabinoids are mostly accrued in the flower, hence why this part of the plant is used. The easiest way to proceed is by grinding up the bud, ideally with a grinder that has a kief catcher. Add the kief to the joint to maximize potency. Then just roll up and smoke away!

Just be wary of the smell, especially for those not residing in legalized states. It’s within a law-abiding citizen’s legal right to use CBD, but law enforcement may not understand the difference between cannabis and hemp. Travelling with CBD or cannabis flower also carries the same potential risks. Rolling and smoking at home is probably the safest bet.

Checking out Plain Jane CBD smokes 

Plain Jane are solving a problem that cannabis and hemp smokers have been battling for years. The joints may be great, but smoking them comes with that unavoidable pungent aroma – it’s a smell that cannabis lovers are fond of, but one that detractors detest. But it’s not unavoidable anymore!

Plain Jane has managed to manufacture a hemp extract that doesn’t smell, because all the terpenes have been removed. This clever idea works a treat in reality, and their CBD cigs have an inoffensive smell that allow you to smoke CBD-rich hemp just about anywhere you can normally smoke. Not to mention, these smokes are designed to look just like standard cigarettes, so you really can go under the radar. Plain Jane CBD cigarettes are USA-made, and available right here at

Smoking vs vaping 

Smoking vs vaping The debate on this topic is raging right now, because of vaping’s remarkable rise. To begin with the similarities, smoking and vaping work exactly the same in terms of effects. Inhalation and absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream occurs at the same rate with both methods. This explains why so many tobacco smokers have found it so easy to switch to vaping nicotine. The same goes for cannabis, too.

Vaping hemp is not as smelly as smoking it. That’s because there’s no combustion. The temperatures used are enough for the cannabinoids to switch to their activated state, and for vapor to form, but not enough for burning to occur.

Research has confirmed that vaping is considerably safer than smoking. However, these studies from Public Health England have looked at tobacco smoking only. As we have covered, hemp is far less dangerous than tobacco, as the former doesn’t contain an addictive compound. That’s not to say that non-vapers and non-smokers should start smoking CBD cigarettes and joints, but that the risks are far fewer. For example, even if someone has smoked CBD cigarettes for a year, they should be able to stop doing so straight away if they decide it’s no longer serving them. They won’t have an addiction battle to fight, which is ultimately why some people stay hooked on tobacco cigarettes for decades.

Buying CBD cigarettes wholesale 

Thinking of setting up a natural health or hemp business? Or do you already have an established company, and want to start selling CBD cigarettes? We have a range of CBD cigarettes for sale, as well as legal hemp pre-rolls and joints. Any of these could be top-sellers for your business, and as all savvy entrepreneurs know, buying wholesale is an effective way of minimizing costs. Buying in bulk brings down the cost-per-item significantly, so that you can buy more for less.

Want to find out more about how wholesale could help your business, or get a full list of our wholesale prices? Click here and head over to the Wholesale page. Follow the instructions and register for account, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible! We look forward to doing business with you.


Let’s quickly recap what we’ve covered in this article:

  • Hemp cigarettes deliver rapid CBD relief
  • CBD cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes
  • Users can hand-roll CBD cigarettes and joints with flower
  • Plain Jane CBD smokes are odorless
  • Vaping is safer than smoking – but the risks with CBD cigarettes are greatly reduced

Humans have smoked for thousands of years. While many health advocates would like to eradicate smoking, it’s not exactly feasible, and nor is it even desirable, when considering what can be smoked. CBD-rich hemp cigarettes are not just imbued with therapeutic qualities for mental and physical wellbeing, but they offer significant harm reduction potential for people trying to give up tobacco cigarettes. Long may that continue.

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