A complete guide to dabbing

For old-school cannabis users, the range of products available nowadays can be somewhat intimidating. But it’s ultimately fantastic that the industry has progressed past selling just bud. In this article, we are going to focus on marijuana extracts and dabs that have become firm favorites with seasoned users. These products, which are produced for both medicinal and recreational purposes, are much more potent than regular bud, with much higher concentrations of psychoactive THC, CBD or both.

If you’re looking to get started with dabbing but have no idea how, then don’t fret. We’ll take you through the various equipment on offer, and the various oils, concentrates and isolates that can deliver amazing cannabis experiences. You’ll be a dabbing expert in no time!

Dabbing equipment

Planning on dabbing shatters and oils? The chances are you’ll need to purchase some new equipment. Most bongs are suitable for dabbing with, you’ll just need a nail and a blow torch to get started. However, for a fully-fledged setup, maybe invest in a dabbing rig with an e-nail (electronic nail). E-nails are safer and easier to use, since they can be set to precise temperatures, making for a more enhanced experience than from manually heating a nail.

Types of extracts

Most cannabis users grind up bud, and either roll it into a joint for smoking or fill a bowl for smoking in a pipe or bong. But modern technology means that the cannabinoids which make you high, namely THC and CBD, can now be separated from the rest of the herb, and smoked in various forms, including oils, wax, shatters and dabs. Therefore, these concentrates are much stronger than regular buds.

You’ll probably end up with a favorite extract, but it’s best to experiment with them all. Oils and waxes can be smoked or consumed orally – some opt to stir them into hot beverages. If dabbing for medicinal purposes, look for CBD products as the high concentrations of THC may be overwhelming. CBD concentrates are dabbed to threat inflammation, chronic pain, nausea, chemotherapy symptoms and more.

Shatters are hardened extracts that, as you can imagine, shatter into pieces when broken up. Some extracts take on a waxy form, whereas others are more crystalline. The form of an extract is dependent on the strain used for extraction and the extraction process itself. The consistency of an extract rarely impacts its potency, so don’t fret too much about whether you’re dabbing crystals, wax, shatter – they’ll all produce similar results.

Medicinal extracts

People with serious illnesses and conditions tend to require higher doses of CBD to experience relief from symptoms. Dabbing extracts is the fastest way to get large quantities of CBD into your system. Picking an extract that has a low THC content or is THC-free is preferable, as a few draws of extract vapor containing THC could get you very high very quickly. Of course, if you’re familiar with the cerebral high and need THC to treat your symptoms, then feel free to pick an extract with a more balanced cannabinoid composition.

Pure concentrates are much healthier than consuming regular bud, as the plant material is removed altogether, leaving you with just the therapeutic compounds. This also promotes swift reaction times.

Advice for alcohol-based tinctures

Some extract products are alcohol-based. These tinctures are designed for oral consumption, and should never be smoked, vaped or dabbed because alcohol is flammable.

Despite containing alcohol, sublingually taking such tinctures won’t necessarily get you drunk or stoned. These products are primarily intended for daily use by MMJ patients.

What’s the difference between marijuana flowers and extracts?

Extracts have much more potency than flowers, and therefore are usually much more expensive too. A regular marijuana strain consists of around 10% THC, while stronger strains may have as much as 20 to 25%. Concentrates, meanwhile, boast upwards of 50% THC, with the purest products containing as much as 90%. Hence a 90% THC extract would get you high nine times more quickly than 10% THC flower.

One gram of extract, whether it has CBD, THC or both, could be as pricey as $70. The high set-up costs put some users off dabbing, but once you have your equipment and product, this method can work out cheaper long-term.

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