9 fun ways to smoke weed 

Recreational cannabis users are always looking for ways to refine their smoking experience to make it more fun. It’s a nice challenge to think up unique smoking devices, and novel methods of consuming the THC-rich plant that is marijuana. Sure, there are traditional joints and blunts – the traditional go-to forms of cannabis smoking – but when you have more time on your hands, it can be fun to experiment. 

In this post, we’re going to cover nine fun ways to smoke weed. Some of these cool pieces of kit may also be applicable to hash oil. Each little device is likely to have its upsides and downsides, and we’re not saying any of these are better than your standard ways of enjoying weed and getting high. But if you’re a stoner that wants to get creative, and sample a new type of smoke session, then be sure to give some of these a try. 

A quick glimpse at what we’ll be looking at:

  • How to make a bong out of a plastic bottle
  • Water bongs 
  • Hot knifing 
  • Smoking weed with a corn husk 
  • Gravity bongs 
  • Banana and apple pipes/bongs 

Water bongs 

Water bongs are popular with marijuana users wanting a more intense high. These glass or acrylic pieces of equipment can be big or small, depending on your preferences. The cannabis industry is growing constantly, so all kinds of new bongs have popped up in the past few years. The best are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which provide fantastic flavor sans any chemical taste. However, those looking for a transportable bong can invest in acrylic or plastic, bendable options. 

The best weed bongs deliver more potent hits, because the user inhales a greater quantity of smoke than with a joint. In a joint, the smoke is very hot, as there is just a couple of inches between the lit part of the joint and the mouth. This means there isn’t much opportunity for the smoke to cool down. In contrast, with a water bong, there is a greater distance for the smoke to travel, and it’s cooled down significantly because of the water. Bongs with an ice catcher allow for even more cooling, and bigger hits. 

Premium bongs also come with a percolator, which help to bring out the flavor. The percolator cools down the smoke more than when a bong just contains water or ice, enabling higher levels of smoke inhalation. There are many percolators, all of which filter and cool the smoke slightly differently. The most common include honeycomb, tree and inline percolators.

Using and cleaning a water bong 

Using a water bong is really easy. Just grind up some weed and fill a bowl, and fill with water, ice or both. For extra strength, some like to sprinkle a concentrate – such as crumble – on top of the bowl, but this is far from necessary. Then exhale, bring your lips to the mouthpiece, light the bowl and inhale deeply. Once you’ve burnt through a bowl, dispose of the flower and add some more.

With regular use, the inside of the bong will become dirty, and require cleaning to maintain optimum taste. When your bong starts to pong, it’s high time to give it a wash. With a bendy, acrylic bong, this is as easy as turning it inside-out and washing. However, this cannot be done with glass bongs, and while it may be possible to clean parts of the insides, some bits are simply unreachable. 

Therefore, many users choose to wash the bong with isopropyl alcohol and salts. The salt doesn’t dissolve in the alcohol and can be used to clean the glass. Add both to the bong, shut off any holes and shake hard. As the salt rubs against the glass, any residue will become dislodged. Once satisfied, simply rinse out the bong with water, and wait for it to fully dry. 

Weed gas mask bong 

This is a novelty bong, but one that will certainly give you some funny moments with your friends. But the most unique aspect of this particularly bong is you can use it to create a personal hot box. Prepare the bong as you would normally, and then attach it to the gas mask. Carefully fit the mask over your head, loosening and tightening the straps if needed. Light up, let the smoke form, and then clear the chamber. Keep inhaling until you’ve had enough.

Gas mask bongs are popular, and you’ll find them at plenty of headshops up and down the country. But they do have efficiency issues. The first hit will be huge, but then you’ll gradually get weaker and weaker smoke the longer you keep it on. These bongs are comparable to regular bongs, but will you get more trippy with these than any other? Not really. 

Beer weed bong 

The beer bong combines two of America’s favorite things: marijuana and alcohol. It’s known as the Knockout and it will certainly deliver the strong hit you’ve been waiting for. The Knockout has a one-hitter bowl, and is a really cool weed bong if you like to smoke cannabis and drink beer.

This bong can be fitted to any standard beer bottle, and comes in a small travelling case. For that reason, it’s perhaps the most portable bong on the market. Fill the pipe with herb, flip the bottle upside down, and you can chug and smoke at the same time! Make sure you use this bong responsibly!

How to make a water bottle bong 

Making a bong from a water bottle is less complex than it sounds. It’s a clever little trick for when you don’t have a bong to hand, or even any rolling papers for a joint. The bigger the water bottle you have the better, as these can hold more water, and gives the smoke more time to cool down before inhaling. 

Wash the bottle out before using, and take off the label. It’s up to you whether you add water, but it will make for a smoother and better-flavored smoke. Take the lid off, and use a small 3-inch by 3-inch piece of aluminum foil to fit snugly over the mouth of the bottle. Poke holes into the foil – this will serve as the bowl. Make a hole in the side of the bottle, and widen it using scissors – this is the mouthpiece. Then just fill the bowl with some ground up green, light it, and smoke as you would with a regular bong. 

Electric weed bong 

We’ve got smartphones, smart cars, smart TVs, smart watches, and now smart bongs! This modern bit of kit is more of a vape than a regular bong, but it offers an unrivalled cannabis experience. This wireless dab rig is designed for use with concentrates, and has four different heat settings. The device gets up to temperature in 20 seconds, and has a boost setting to maximize all the THC in a concentrate.

Dab rigs heat up wax, shatter and any other concentrates on a heated coil, rather than with a naked flame. The result is a purer and healthier vapor. “Smart bongs” tend to be much more compact and niftier than standard dab rigs. Hits are much stronger with concentrates as the THC can make up 80 percent of the product or more, as opposed to flowers, where the THC percentage tops out just under 25 percent. 

Gravity bong 

Ready to get higher than you ever have before? Then the gravity bong is just for you. This type of bong allows for much more smoke inhalation than usual, with the contraption literally pushing it into your lungs. Not for the faint-hearted, the gravity bong is when you want incredibly intense hits. And the larger the bottles you use, the stronger the hit you’ll receive.

It’s really simple to make a homemade gravity bong. You’ll need a decent-sized plastic bottle, and a large bucket (or 2-liter bottle), a knife, aluminum foil and something to poke holes with. Cut off the bottoms of both bottles, and fill the larger bottle with water. Or if you have a bucket, fill that instead! Unscrew the smaller bottle cap and form a small hole that can be used for airflow, and then cover it with aluminum foil. Make several holes in the foil. Add some ground cannabis onto the cap, and screw the cap back on. Slowly drop the smaller bottle into the water that fills the larger bottle, or the bucket, leaving just the top of the bottle uncovered. Light the cannabis, and gradually lift the smaller bottle out of the water (but not completely), making room for more smoke to form. Unscrew the bottle cap, put your mouth over the opening, and push the bottle back into the water. This will force the smoke upwards, and straight into the lungs!  

How to make an apple bong 

Apple bongs are really cool, as they are pocket-sized and can be hand-carved so that they have a personal touch. Apple pipes or bongs work a treat when you don’t have any other smoking equipment to hand, and can be made in a matter of minutes, just by using a knife.

Take off the apple stem – the dip at the top of the fruit works as a natural bowl. Use the knife to drill a hole around half way into the apple. Make another hole into the side of the apple, until the holes meet, making an airpath from the top of the bowl to the side hole, which is the mouthpiece. Push the side hole all the way through, and the hole at the other end can act as a carb. Fill the bowl, hold your finger over the carb and bring your lips to the mouthpiece. Light the bowl, and inhale! 

Banana pipe 

You’ll just need a banana, a skewer and a knife to make a banana pipe. Decide where you want the bowl, and carve one out of the peel and flesh of the banana. Cut the banana tip off, and use the skewer to make a hole from the end of the banana to the bowl. Blow through the hole to clear away any fleshy debris. Cut off the other end of the banana, and poke a hole through until it reaches the bowl. This is used as the carb.

Take the banana tip, and push it into the whole where the bowl should go. Cover it in aluminum foil, and poke through some holes. Fill with weed, spark up, and enjoy! 

Hot knives

Heat up the ends of two knives using a stove or blowtorch. Take a small piece of cannabis, and squeeze it between the two hot ends – this process will generate smoke. Use an empty bottle with the bottom cut off to cover the smoke, and then inhale from the mouthpiece. This is a fun method of smoking weed, although does come with safety issues.

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