7 strains to manage diabetes

Research into cannabis an autoimmune and type 2 diabetes suggest that the herb may hold some medical benefit. The renewed interest into medical cannabis in recent years has led to a plethora of targeted studies, investigating how the plant’s compound can treat all sorts of illnesses. But how might cannabis be beneficial for patients with diabetes, and which strains would have the most therapeutic value?

What’s the best type of cannabis to treat diabetes?

Scientists have uncovered a few ways that cannabis may treat diabetes, from making the body less susceptible to the disease to simply managing symptoms of nausea, neuropathy and more. Investigations have found that some cannabinoids boost insulin resistance, while reducing levels of fasting glucose.

The three cannabinoids that researchers are keen on are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). THC and THCV are potent psychoactive compounds, but CBD has no intoxicating effects. Each cannabinoid has displayed anti-diabetic effects when used in isolated form. With these compounds in mind, here are seven cannabis strains for diabetes patients that caught our eye.

1) Cannatonic

Cannatonic is one of the high-CBD strains that have been making so much noise in the media. Dispensaries used to just be concentrated on THC, but CBD-rich and CBD-only products have crept onto the shelves in recent times.

With CBD levels nudging 17 percent in Cannatonic, this strain is perfect for anybody seeking potent CBD relief from mental or physical pain. Cannatonic works to improve your concentration and provide you with an aura of calm that makes your daily tasks easier and less of a drag.

2) Pennywise

A high-CBD strain cultivated by the famous TGA Subcool Seeds, Pennywise is a one-to-one strain that produces predominantly indica effects. Somewhat sedating and forever mild, Pennywise brings peace to both the body and the mind.

For those who like to make their own cannabis oil, Pennywise is a good strain to use because of the balance between CBD and THC. It should put you in a good mood and ease your symptoms.

3) Harlequin

A top-shelf CBD-rich sativa-dominant strain, Harlequin has a slightly more balanced 5:2 CBD to THC ratio than most medicinal flower. Animal studies have shown that CBD could help patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

In 2008, researchers revealed that CBD could stop the manifestation of autoimmune diabetes in mice. This accompanies a study that has found that two daily 100mg doses of CBD can reduce cholesterol in humans.

Harlequin doesn’t cause a strong psychoactive high because of the CBD-dominant ratio. New cannabis users may experience some of the mind-bending properties of THC, but the most notable aspects of this strain are the relaxation and positivity it brings, as well as pain relief.

4) Black Beauty

Black Beauty had cannabis experts baffled at first, as this is one of the few known strains that holds sizeable concentrations of a cannabinoid other than CBD and THC – that cannabinoid is THCV, and it’s thought to be helpful for those with diabetes. Black Beauty contains twice as much THC as THCV, but the latter makes up about 4 percent of the overall plant weight.

THCV is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, a quality also exhibited by CBD and THC. The combination of CBD and THCV could be fantastic for diabetics, as both compounds may help to improve insulin sensitivity.

5) Northern Lights

Unfortunately, THC has kind of developed a notorious reputation over the past few years, with the “munchies” one side effect that anti-pot activists seize on. However, high-THC strains do hold medicinal value, especially for those suffering from severe physical pain and mental stress.

Northern Lights is a lovely high-THC, indica-dominant strain that can be found at most dispensaries. The euphoric properties are much-loved by recreational tokers, but medicinal smokers are more interested in the strain’s analgesic qualities. THC levels can reach 18 percent in Northern Lights. As a sedative, this strain is most effective and pleasurable in the evening.

6) Doug’s Varin

Doug’s Varin is a peculiar sativa-dominant strain that is very psychoactive. However, this isn’t all thanks to THC – this strain also contains significant amounts of the extremely psychoactive THCV. Doug’s Varin is an obscure strain, although it’s been spotted in California a few times.

The wide range of possible medicinal benefits of THCV has made it one of the more interesting cannabinoids for researchers. A study of the effects of isolated THCV in patients with diabetes discovered that the compound corrected fasting insulin levels and decreased blood glucose. Steep Hills Lab tested Doug’s Varin back in 2014, where it was found to consist of 19 percent THC and 15 percent THCV. Users report a potent, energizing high that’s best experienced in the daytime.

7) Sour Tsunami

Cannabis can be an unpredictable plant, especially for strictly medicinal users, who are often worried about paranoia and anxiety before they start. Sour Tsunami, however, is an all-round strain that anyone with chronic pain can take and have a positive time using. With roughly equal concentrations of CBD and THC, Sour Tsunami is commonly referred to as a one-to-one strain.

This bud is another one that’s great during the day, with the THC merely having an uplifting and energizing influence rather than a psychoactive one. There are some Sour Tsunami strains with higher THC concentrations that may cause more of a high. Take Sour Tsunami when you’re trying to enhance your focus to improve productivity or need a substance to take the edge off.

Final thoughts

Please do not substitute any of the information in this article for medical advice. This article has been written purely for informative and educational reasons. If you are having medical difficulties, talk with a doctor.

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