Best Delta 9 Edibles to Try in 2022 [Ranked by Top]

Best Delta 9 Edibles to Try in 2022 [Ranked by Top]

Posted by Christian on 26th Apr 2023

Delta 9 Edibles: 7 of the Best Legally Available Options

Delta 9 THC gummies are currently among the hottest products in the legal marijuana market. These are edible snacks made with delta 9 THC extract, suitable for marijuana users who prefer a higher level of the cognitive effect associated with the consumption of cannabis.  

If you didn't know about delta 9 THC, it is a compound that makes you high. Still, the Delta 9 gummies are legal and comply with the 2018 federal farm bill. In this article, we'll explore the best delta-9 edibles online legally available in the United States. 

What makes the new Delta-9 THC legal?  

Delta-9 THC gummies are considerably more potent and psychoactive than Delta 8 THC gummies. They are legal because they come from phytocannabinoid-rich hemp flowers and not marijuana.  

Any substance that contains less than 0.3% delta 9-THC by dry weight volume is permitted under the 2018 Farm bill. However, not all delta-9 THC gummies are legal, with some having more than 0.3% delta-9 THC.  

Seven best legally available delta-9 edibles on the market  

You can find several quality products with varying characteristics and prices on the market. If you're in the market exploring the options available, here are the best legally available delta-9 gummies you can find today. 

Genesis Delta 9 THC Edibles  

The Genesis delta-9 THC edibles are among the most potent and best gummies on the market. CBD Genesis is a wholesale company in the CBD and delta-9 market selling top-quality products.  

The Delta 9 gummies are organic and lab-tested for purity with different product flavors. You will find 7.5 mg of delta-9 THC per gummy in a 20-count pack. 

These edibles give a high similar to marijuana. They have an ideal cannabinoid content to get you high while still calming your nerves.  

The product meets the legal requirements set by the 2018 Farm Bill and has less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. They are available in several flavors, such as Passion fruit and berry. 

Koi CBD Delta 9 THC Gummies  

Koi is a respected hemp product known for its purity, effectiveness, and potency. The full-spectrum Koi CBD delta-9 gummies give you a delicious way to add hemp into your routine.  

These edibles provide a more substantial entourage effect from CBD, data 9-THC, and minor cannabinoids.  

Koi CBD delta-9 edibles contain 500 mg CBD and 100 mg delta-9 THC per container. You will appreciate the strength and consistency of CBD delta-9 gummies. They have three all-natural flavors- grape, pineapple, or pomegranate.  

This company uses a holistic approach to hemp production and cannabinoid extraction that has improved the gummies' potency, flavor profile, and effectiveness.  

Delta Effex Delta 9 THC Gummies  

Try Delta Effex delta-9 THC gummies if you want a powerful Delta 9 THC edible. These are tasty gummies with balanced flavors that appeal to the palette. The 6-gram gummies packs contain ten gummies each, with each gummy packed with 10 mg.  

They have 0.25% THC, which is less than the stipulated weight under the 2018 farm bill. These delta-9 THC gummies are non-GMO and made with high-grade organically grown hemp.  

They use a vegan-friendly formula to make the gummies infused with clean terpenes. Each product is third-party lab-tested and packaged in a blistering pack to protect the gummies from melting in the heat.  

You will love the burst of blueberry citrus flavor in these delta-9 gummies that can elevate your mood, or try the Guava Berry and Kiwi Mixer flavors. 

Delta Effex Delta 9 THC Shot  

Delta Effex Delta 9 THC shot is a full legal hemp product available in various delicious flavors, such as Blue Raspberry Slushie. Every package comes with 75 mg of delta-9 THC. With a single gummy, you will get a nice body high and a pleasant feeling. 

The product goes through lab testing to ensure it is pure and of high quality. It uses hemp-derived distillate that is legal at the federal level. The formula follows the current guidelines of the Federal Government, offering less than 0.3% delta-9 THC per serving.  

These delicious flavors incorporate ingredients like apple pectin and coconut oil. They combine the best sourced Delta-9 THC with clean terpenes to make high-quality and safe products. 

Genesis Delta 9 THC Watermelon Rings  

This product is 10 mg Delta 9 THC with 2.5 mg CBG per gummy. Each container has ten gummies, and each gummy contains less than 0.3% THC by weight. The Genesis Delta 9 THC Watermelon Rings are loaded with 10 mg of delta-9 THC and 20 mg of CBD.  

They use only the highest quality and naturally extracted hemp distillate to make this quality gummy.  

The gummies are available in several flavors: pineapple, orange, and BlackBerry. The company uses quality, clean, compliant hemp grown under the state hemp program.  

They formulate products ensuring each one is under the required 0.3% total THC by dry weight limit.  

Urb Effex Delta 9 Gummies  

The collaboration between Delta Extrax Brand and URB led to URB Effex Delta 9 gummies. These gummies are 10 mg each and contain 0.25% delta 9 THC per gummy.  

They are made with hemp grown and exported in the USA, with each product third-party tested for compliance, security, and consistency.   

The gummies are legal delta-9 edibles containing less than 0.3% delta-9 by weight. You will find several flavors of the product, such as guava-berry fruit, blueberry citrus burst, Blood Orange, kiwi mixer, pomegranate breeze, and peach-mango. 

Delta 9 THC Gummies by Mr. Hemp Flower  

The Mr. Hemp Flower delta-9 gummies are their newly released federally compliant products. They contain 10 mg of premium delta 9 THC extract per piece, alongside various other cannabinoids.  

These delta-9 gummies usually undergo due diligence from hemp production, extraction, and packaging. They contain full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes and have the perfect juicy and chewy texture. 

Mr. Hempflower is a trusted cannabis company. It uses high-quality hemp-derived products with an independent third-party lab test certification to confirm potency and purity. This edible offers efficacy, excellent flavor, and higher strength. 

One gummy is enough to help you feel amazing. You can use these gummies to treat chronic pain and relieve stress.  

How to select the best legally available Delta 9 edibles? 

You need to select the best products since the market is flooded with substandard products with superb advertising. These tips can help you choose the best legally available Delta-9 edibles on the market. 

Independent third-party labs 

Independent third-party labs 

You can understand the quality of THC edibles from third-party lab results. These third-party labs are the benchmark among the best CBD brands in the industry. The reports show the cannabinoid content in the product. 

Products with natural ingredients 

The best legally available Delta 9 edibles are made with natural ingredients. Avoid products with artificial additives, unhealthy GMO ingredients, and synthetic flavors. Instead, select products with natural ingredients as they guarantee purity and high quality.  

Gummy return policy 

The return policy is in place to ensure you don't buy products that you won't like. The best THC gummy brands should have some kind of return policy in place. This return policy means you can return the product if you don't like it. 

Verified Customer Feedback 

You can judge the quality of a THC gummy based on customer reviews. Like any product, the online reviews from verified customers tell a lot about the product. They help understand the product's features, benefits, and drawbacks for better decision-making. 

Who can benefit from consuming Delta 9 THC edibles?  

THC gummies have many different uses, depending on your needs. Anyone can benefit from consuming Delta 9 THC edibles. Thanks to their psychoactive effects, you can use them for relaxation, creativity, or pain relief.   

However, you can only benefit most from Delta-9 THC gummies if you take the correct dosage at the right time for your needs. For example, if you take these gummies for better sleep, pain relief, or stress relief, choose cannabinoid-infused edibles with delta-9 THC.  

The right amount of THC depends on your needs and circumstances, though you are better off taking small amounts of THC edibles and waiting to see how it affects you before taking more. 


There are several legally available delta 9 THC edibles on the market. This list has highlighted the most suitable and effective delta-9 THC gummies that are easiest to consume and highest-rated. The gummies are mildly psychoactive and completely legal in the United States.  

However, be selective when choosing the best delta-9 edibles online and follow the correct dosage for maximum experience. It's also best to consult with an expert before you add any supplements to your routine.  

An expert would be able to guide you on the dosage and the best product according to your requirements. As a thumb rule, you should always start with the lowest dose, give some time for the effects to kick in, and gradually increase the quantity as per your desired effects.