Best Delta 10 Carts [Overview, Price & Review]

Best Delta 10 Carts [Overview, Price & Review]

Posted by Christian on 26th Apr 2023

The vaping industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation since the first modern vaporizer by a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, in 2003.  

According to Grand View Research, the global electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) and vape market size was estimated at around USD 15 billion in 2020. The same findings indicate that the vape market size could expand at an impressive compound annual growth rate of 28.1% from 2021 to 2028.  

Industry experts cite an increased awareness of the safety of vaping compared to cigarette smoking as a leading factor behind the growth of the e-cig market. Besides, the vaping culture is considered more like a lifestyle, particularly among younger generations. That explains why a significant proportion of vapers today do not necessarily have a history of cigarette smoking.  

As more people continue to embrace vaping, there's constant pressure on manufacturers to develop more specialized vape devices. Delta 10 carts are examples of cutting-edge electronic cigarettes that are all the rave.  

But what is it about these devices, and why should you invest in them? That question shall be the focus of this post.  


What is Delta 10 THC?  

When Hon Lik invented the first version of the modern vaporizer, he intended the device to be an alternative to harmful nicotine delivery systems. That explains why nicotine was initially a core ingredient in most vape products.  

But nicotine is also notorious for its highly addictive nature. Plus, the compound lacks any meaningful health benefits. Therefore, vape manufacturers needed to come up with healthier nicotine alternative herbs. One such herb is cannabis.  

Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, is a genus of flowering plants that produce several species. Common ones include Cannabis SativaCannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis.  

Each marijuana species contains a specific profile of therapeutic compounds known as cannabinoids. For instance, indica strains are significantly high in cannabidiol (CBD), whereas Sativa strains are loaded with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  

Both CBD and THC, as with the other 120+ cannabinoids in marijuana, boast immense healing benefits. However, THC is also famous for its psychotropic effects. It's pretty much the main compound in marijuana that induces euphoria or the 'high.'  

THC occurs in three isomers. Isomers are compounds with the same chemical formula but different arrangements of atoms in their molecules. The three THC isomers include delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, and delta-10-tetrahydrocannabinol. Delta-10 THC is a synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol isomer developed in the 80s.  

Thanks to the advancements in vaping technology, it's now easy for cannabis vapers to consume delta-10 isolates. The isolates are commonly sold in special vape devices known as delta 10 vape cartridges or simply delta 10 carts.  

But delta 10 cartridges are only one among the numerous vape devices out there. So, why should you consider them?  

For starters, delta 10 vape cartridges are reasonably cheaper than many vape devices. They're also considerably easier to use. Plus, the products come in varying THC volumes. 

Below is the price and review of the top Delta 10 carts on the market. Let’s dive in. 

CBD Genesis Delta 10 THC Cartridge  


CBD Genesis Delta 10 THC Cartridge  

Price: $34.99 

Product Review 

CBD Genesis Delta 10 THC Cartridge is a product by CBDGenesis, a leading brand in manufacturing and supplying premium-quality delta 10 cartridges and other vape accessories. This vape cartridge isn't the most affordable in the market. But the price is worth it.  

For starters, CBD Genesis Delta 10 Cartridge is formulated with 1000 mg Delta 10 THC. That's one of the highest THC potencies in a vape cartridge.  

High THC potency in a vape cartridge reflects favorably on your finances. That's because you'll only need to inhale a few puffs to experience your desired therapeutic and recreational effects.  

The product is also available in numerous cannabis strains. Examples include Amnesia, Sunshine, Zaza, and Forbidden.  

It's worth noting that each marijuana strain delivers specific therapeutic and recreational benefits. Whichever strain you choose pretty much comes down to your desired effects.  

Delta 10 THC Cartridge by CBD Genesis is also rechargeable and disposable. In other words, you can recharge the device provided that you've not used up its pre-filled THC e-juice.  

User-friendliness is another thing to love about CBD Genesis Delta 10 Cartridge. Like most vape cartridges by CBDGenesis, this device comes ready to use. You simply charge it and start vaping.  

It would interest you to know that Delta 10 THC Cartridge by CBD Genesis has been duly tested by third-party laboratories and certified as safe for consumption.  

It's always recommended to check for independent testing organizations' lab reports before purchasing any THC vape cartridges. These reports help you know the potency of tetrahydrocannabinol in the product. The reports also offer more insights into the proportion of any other additives in the product.  


  • High THC potency 
  • Easy to use 
  • Lab-testing reports 


  • A bit expensive 

ELYXR D 10 Cartridge  

Price: $39.99 

Product Review 

ELYXR D 10 Cartridge features the same THC potency as CBD Genesis Delta 10 THC Cartridge. So, it's another top recommendation if you're looking for a vape cartridge that guarantees optimal THC effects per draw.  

But the most standout feature of the ELYXR D 10 Cartridge is its wide assortment of strains. The product is available in more than 5 Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains.  

Hybrids are a blend of Sativa and Indica strains. They're known to deliver the best of both worlds.  

Examples of the cannabis strains in ELYXR D 10 Cartridge include; 

  • Sativa Strains – Cherry Pie, Clementine, Jack Herer, Mango Madness, Peaches and Dream, Rainbow Candy, Super Silver Haze, and Strawberry Cough. 
  • Indica Strains – Berry White, Dogwalker OG, GMO, Grape Ape, and White Rhino. 

  • Hybrid Strains – Banana Kush, Fire OG, Lemon Lights, Slurricane, and Sundae Driver. 

With such a vast array of cannabis strains, there's no limit to the amount of effect and flavor you can enjoy from vaping ELYXR D 10 Cartridge. 


  • Numerous strains 
  • Attractive packaging 


  • A bit pricey 

Delta Effex - Delta-10 THC Disposable  

Price: $39.99 

Product Review 

Delta Effex - Delta-10 THC Disposable goes for the same price as ELYXR D 10 Cartridge. But price should never be the overriding consideration when shopping for quality vape cartridges, and Delta-10 THC by Delta Effex supports that assertion.  

The rechargeable, single-use vape cartridge sports a 280 mAh battery. Considering this is a disposable cartridge, the vape battery capacity is strong enough to last you a couple of vaping sessions.  

Delta Effex - Delta-10 THC Disposable also comes with an effective warning system.  

For instance, the device emits white light while working and red light to indicate that the battery is running low. When plugged into the charger, this delta 10 cartridge emits white light to show that it's charging. The white light disappears when the device is fully charged.  

According to the manufacturer, Delta Effex - Delta-10 THC Disposable packs a few more ingredients that optimize the THC potency in the cart.  

In terms of strain options, you can choose between Blue Candy Kush and Wedding Cake. 


  • Powerful battery 
  • An effective warning system 

  • Extra ingredients 


  • A bit pricey 

Blaze - Delta-10 THC Cartridge   

Price: $39.99 

Product Review 

Blaze - Delta-10 THC Cartridge is one of the most effective vape cartridges out there, and the name says it all. The product is formulated with 90% delta-10 THC, with the other THC isomers and cannabinoids making up the remaining 10%.  

Like most products on this list, Blaze - Delta-10 THC Cartridge boasts a wide collection of strains that deliver different effects and flavors. They include Gorilla Glue, Grape Ape, Maui Waui, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Cranberry Kush, Sundae Driver, and Watermelon Zkittlez.  

The device is easy to use, remarkably portable and comes with a rechargeable battery. However, you'll need to dispose of it as soon as you've used up the pre-filled e-juice.  

And as you'd expect with most high-end delta 10 carts, the contents of Blaze - Delta-10 THC Cartridge have undergone rigorous testing and are certified as safe for consumption. 


  • Appealing packaging 
  • Numerous strain options 

  • High THC potency 


  • Price could be lower 

Delta 8 Factory - Delta-10 THC Cartridges  

Price: $59.99 

Product Review 

This is probably the most expensive delta 10 vape cartridge on this list. But as we've already mentioned, there's a lot that goes into choosing the best cannabis vape cartridges other than the price.  

Delta 8 Factory - Delta-10 THC Cartridge comes with a slew of features that makes its $59.99 price tag worth it.  

The product comes in several strains, including Blue Dream, Green Crack, Sour Diesel, and Strawnana. These strains allow you to enjoy richer and mouth-watering flavors as you also benefit from the healing properties of THC in the cartridge.  

Delta 8 Factory - Delta-10 THC Cartridge is also formulated with high-potency THC. There's up to 1000 mg of THC for every ml. So, a few puffs is all it takes to achieve your desired effects.  

The product is also labeled 'full-spectrum.' This implies that it contains many other valuable cannabinoids. 


  • It comes in quite a few strains 

  • Relatively high THC potency 
  • Loaded with other beneficial cannabinoids 


  • Outright expensive 

Work - Delta-8 THC + D10 Disposable  

Price: $49.99 

Product Review 

Work - Delta-8 THC + D10 Disposable also ranks among the best delta 10 carts out there. The product is not exactly cheap.  

But for a price of $49.99, you can choose from several flavors based on the available strains. Top strains include Italian Gelato, Strawberry Banana, Grape Burst, and Mystery.  

The best part is that all these strains are hybrids. So, you get to enjoy a wide spectrum of cannabis benefits, including relief from pain, anxiety, fatigue, inflammation, insomnia, etc.  

Work - Delta-8 THC + D10 Disposable is a rechargeable vape cart. But as the name implies, it's a single-use device that needs to be disposed of when the pre-filled THC vape juice runs out.  

The device is incredibly user-friendly and is recommended for beginners and seasoned vapers alike. It's air-activated, which means you can readily start to vape as long as the battery has enough charge. 


  • User-friendly 
  • Small and portable 
  • A variety of flavors 


  • Cost-inhibitive 

Are Delta 10 Carts Safe?  

The safety of delta 10 vape cartridges depends on the device and the composition of the e-liquid.  

One way to guarantee the safety of your delta 10 carts is to source your products from reputable suppliers. Ideally, these are manufacturers or suppliers who have been around for at least five years.  

Experts also recommend asking for proof of lab testing by independent laboratories. That's especially with regards to the composition of the THC in these cartridges.  

As we already highlighted, testing reports indicate the THC potency in delta 10 carts. This information is crucial, considering that the amount of THC you consume mainly depends on your tolerance for this compound.  

The lab reports also confirm that the delta 10 cartridge contains the other ingredients on the product label in the stated amounts. 

But whichever device you choose, it's essential to vape in moderation. THC overdose could trigger a host of adverse effects, including hallucinations and bloodshot eyes. Besides, chain vaping could cause long-term lung damage. 

Points To Remember When Buying Delta-10 Carts  

Brand reputation is the most important consideration when buying delta 10 carts. Always purchase your delta 10 vape cartridges from established brands.  

It's also important to check the ingredients in the cart. Hence, you want to start by checking the THC potency in the product.  

Then, establish the safety of any other additives. Remember, delta 10 vape cartridges may also contain other basic e-juice ingredients, such as vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol.  

Lastly, ensure the device comes with a compatible battery, especially if you’re buying reusable carts. 


There are numerous delta 10 carts that THC lovers can experiment with. The challenge is finding a product that suits your needs.  

But after going through this comprehensive review of delta 10 vape cartridges and our top product recommendations, we hope you can shop for your next delta 10 THC vape carts from the point of information.